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Undocumented at Stanford Information for Undocumented Members of the Stanford Community

Career Resources

BEAM, Stanford Career Education is committed to its mission of supporting Stanford students on their journeys to find meaningful work. Part of that commitment is supporting students around all facets of the intersection of career and identity.

BEAM understands that the undocumented student community faces a unique set of challenges in their career journeys and is committed to providing individualized strategies to ensure students are able to overcome these challenges. At BEAM, the Career Catalysts team, in particular, focuses on the intersections of identity and career and can help you navigate questions, concerns, or fears around career opportunities as an undocumented student. Any undocumented students seeking career support may schedule an individual appointment with a member of the Career Catalysts team.

In addition to setting up an appointment with Career Catalysts on Handshake or via email, please take advantage of the following resources:

Beyond your career support system at BEAM, consider joining a national network of support:

If you have any questions that you would like to ask BEAM anonymously, please use this form. BEAM will be using this form to create an FAQ page.