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Undocumented at Stanford Information for Undocumented Members of the Stanford Community

Counseling and Support

If you are a student seeking support or assistance with an issue related to immigration status, people at Stanford are standing by to help.

  • For overall assistance in getting connected to support resources related to DACA or undocumented status, contact or Dean of Students Mona Hicks. The “For Dreamers at Stanford” account is managed by multiple student affairs staff members and is the easiest way to ensure assistance as soon as possible. Dean Hicks can coordinate with other resources on campus to help you navigate the complex circumstances that may be involved. The email address is
  • If you are seeking mental or emotional health support, contact Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) at (650) 723-3785. In addition, CAPS is partnering with campus community centers to offer a range of additional individual and small-group support sessions through the Asian American Activities Center, El Centro Chicano y Latino, and The Markaz: Resource Center, among others. Please be in touch directly with these community centers about scheduling.
  • If you need assistance with impacts on your graduate study at Stanford, please contact the Graduate Life Office at (650) 736-7078.
  • If you need assistance with impacts on your undergraduate study, please contact your Academic Advising Director (AAD) or, if you are a student athlete, the Athletic Academic Resource Center (AARC).
  • If you are seeking other kinds of support, dialogue or connections with others, talk with your local Residential Education staff or engage with one of Stanford’s community resource centers.

Support resources also are available for faculty and staff members and for postdoctoral scholars with needs or concerns around immigration issues. In addition, the legal resources page has additional information on pro bono legal consultations available to members of the Stanford community with legal questions about immigration issues.

Webinars and Resources

Zoom Webinar held on 03/05/21 discussing resources for students