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Remember... it is okay to not be okay.

Banner image featuring an image of DACA/Dreamer protesters in black and white, via Wikimedia Commons, with a quote overlaid in white reading: “WHEN YOU GET TO KNOW A LOT OF PEOPLE, YOU MAKE A GREAT DISCOVERY. YOU FIND THAT NO ONE GROUP HAS A MONOPOLY ON LOOKS, BRAINS, GOODNESS OR ANYTHING ELSE. IT TAKES ALL THE PEOPLE... TO MAKE UP AMERICA.” - JUDY GARLAND

Legal Guidance and Services

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These resources can help you to understand the safety and legal resources, as well as your privacy information and its use at Stanford. 

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Tile image featuring New Yorkers in favor of restoring protections for DACA recipients gather in Columbus Square in September 2017. Image via Rhododendrites/Wikimedia Commons. (CCA-BY-4.0)


Your safety is very important to the Stanford community.

Tile image featuring a close up of an immigration stamp on paper. Photo credit: Freepik

Legal Resources

Resources for legal aid for students.

Tile image featuring aerial, Campus Scenes, COVID_Corona, Quad / Quadrangle (area). Photo credit: Andrew Brodhead

University Advocacy

A history of statements of support for the community.