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Remember... it is okay to not be okay.

Abolish ICE. March and Day of Action. Credit: Fibonacci Blue from Minnesota, USA, via Wikimedia Commons


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Stanford welcomes and embraces students and scholars from around the world who contribute immeasurably to our mission of education and discovery. Inclusion and nondiscrimination are core values of our community, and they extend to people from around the world regardless of nationality, citizenship, or immigration status. We pride ourselves on our commitment to continuously supporting and advocating for all students, as well as having an abundance of resources and spaces for students to navigate.

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Tile image featuring a shot of Hoover Tower with the Dish in the background. Photo credit: Linda A. Cicero

Prospective Students

Information for all prospective students in this community 

Tile image featuring arissa Livan, Jasmin Lopez Tang Dalsgaard, Trevor DiGerolamo, Maisam Pyarali and Dumisile Mphamba. Photo credit: Andrew Brodhead

Current Student Life

Find communities that will enrich your life on campus.

Tile image featuring Professor Enrique Chagoya's painting class. Students in art class. Art class in McMurtry Building. Stanford Images Spring 2017. Photo credit: Linda A. Cicero

Undergraduate Students

Targeted information for our undergraduate community. 

Tile image featuring Students in Carl Wieman's class.  EDUC 280: Learning & Teaching of Science (PHYSICS 295). Photo credit: Linda A. Cicero

Graduate Students

Targeted information for our graduate community.