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Remember... it is okay to not be okay.

Banner image featuring a Defend DACA protest photo sourced from Wikimedia Commons with a sign that says "Still Undocumented, Still Unafraid." Photo credit: Molly Adams from USA


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We have both resources from outside the University that members of the community may find useful and also a few that we have created to help clarify internal information. Questions? Please contact For Dreamers.

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Tile image featuring Freshman Lucy Edy, center, tries on her new bicycle helmet, the class of 2020 is the first to receive a free helmet as they are admitted to their dorms. Photo credit: Linda A. Cicero / Stanford News Service

Parents and Families

Information for parents, spouses and mixed-status families. 

Tile image featuring Campus Scenes, COVID_Corona, Summer. Photo credit: Andrew Brodhead

Allies and Administrators

Resources for faculty and staff to support undocumented students. 

TIle image featuring Parents and alumni Nancy Orendain, left, and Mahesh Shrestha, right, met at Stanford; they smile as they join daughter Raquel Orendain Shrestha at Parents’ Weekend. Photo credit:  Linda A. Cicero / Stanford News Service


Updates for alumni supporting the undocumented community. 

Tile image featuring a female-presenting individual at a computer with the screen featuring assorted icons and the word "Webinar" across the screen. Photo credit: Freepik


A collection of webinars created at Stanford to help our student community know and understand rights and resources.

Tile image featuring a DACA protest with protesters holding signs of support, via Wikimedia Commons.

External Resources

Additional resources unaffiliated with Stanford to provide support for undocumented students. 

Tile image featuring Arcade and Main Quadrangle. Photo credit: Linda A. Cicero / Stanford News Service

Working Group

Learn more about the people working behind the scenes to support the community.