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Remember... it is okay to not be okay.

Mental Health Resources at Stanford

Welcome to Stanford 2023. Credit: Andrew Brodhead /

Students & Postdocs

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Stanford welcomes and embraces students and scholars from around the world who contribute immeasurably to our mission of education and discovery. Inclusion and nondiscrimination are core values of our community, and they extend to people from around the world regardless of nationality, citizenship, or immigration status. We pride ourselves on our commitment to continuously supporting and advocating for all students, as well as having an abundance of resources and spaces for students to navigate.

2023-24 Neighborhood Decorative Accent Line
Jasmine Rodriguez, Grayson Armou, Sidd Wali and John Kohler. Credit: Andrew Brodhead /

Prospective Students

Information for all prospective students in this community 

 Yannie K. Tan and Ecy King, 2023. Credit: Andrew Brodhead /

Campus Life for All Students

Find communities that will enrich your life on campus.

SunSet Fest, 2023. Credit: Nikolas Liepins, Credit: Ethography

Undergraduate Students

Targeted information for our undergraduate community. 

GLO Picnic. 2023. Credit: Nikolas Liepins / Ethography

Graduate Students

Targeted information for our graduate community.  

 The high school students have releases on file with the school of Earth. Credit: inda A. Cicero / Stanford News Service


Targeted information for our postdoc community.